UK Bokken Bootcamp May 2016

Published on May 30, 2016 by in News


Due to the ongoing security issues in Europe, it was decided that for those traveling from mainland Europe to the UK KNBK Seminar, we would make it Bokken only so it would be easier for people to get here without weapons.  It also gave us a good opportunity to therefore spend 3 days practicing paired waza which we don’t get to practice that much with  lots of different partners.

We had an ambitious plan to spend 3 days covering

  • MJER Tachi Uchi no Kurai
  • Battoho Katachi
  • OHIR Kata 1 – 5 plus practice drills

I am pleased to say we managed to cram in all of the waza and everyone had a great time.  It was also good to get a US perspective from Ramirez Sensei who came along to the UK seminar and then travelled on with us to the OHIR Seminar the following week in Germany.

I want to thank everyone who attended any of the sessions and now we have a training format and locations for each day we look to build that in for 2017 – and we are already looking at planning.

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