The Second UK KNBK Iaijutsu Seminar

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UK Seminar Photo 2015The members of the Kokusai Nippon Budo Kai here in the United Kingdom were proud to host our Second UK KNBK Iaijutsu Seminar with Carl Long Hanshi this past May. This year we had a flying visit from Long Sensei as he had obligations both in the UK for this seminar as well as in Italy for the Ono-ha Itto Ryu Kenjutsu seminar with Takemi Sasamori Soke ten days later.

As such, his trip was was somewhat shortened to allow him time to get back to the United Stated before making the return trip to Europe.

On Hanshi’s first day we managed to take in some sightseeing and visited Canterbury Cathedral and the city itself. We stopped for lunch next to the river and sat watching unagi swimming up and down, as well as boats of tourists on history tours. Hopefully everyone who came had a good day.

The biggest thing that happened before the seminar started on the Saturday was we had an earthquake. Well apparently,  we had an earthquake; I slept through it.

Saturday 23rd May saw the start of the second UK Iaijutsu seminar hosted by the KNBK, taught by Long Hanshi, and assisted by Marc Mebis Doshi and Bob Morris Doshi. As in the previous year’s event, we had attendees from the UK, Belgium, Spain, Gibraltar, and the USA. It was great to see so many practioners of Iaijutsu from inside and outside the organization come together, train together and become part of the family.

Over the course of the weekend we covered the Eishin Ryu Battoho, Omori Ryu (Shoden Waza) and some of the Hasagawa Eishin Ryu (Chuden Waza). Oh yes, we all love tatehiza. We also managed to squeeze in some Katachi, which is something we all enjoy but never seem to get enough practice in on this side of the pond.

We had two great days training and I took away many details to work on. Plus I have to learn to project my voice a bit more; those who were there will know what I mean!

Outside of the training it was great to spend time with everyone and the meals on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Breaking bread is just as enjoyable as the training and again, I always seem to come away with some new insight.

Also I think my wife enjoys the fact I can waffle on about swords with other people so she doesn’t have to listen to it!

I want to thank everyone that took time out from their families to come and train in the UK with us. I would love to have Long Hanshi and other US members over for a longer period of time as there is always so much to learn and the quality of the teaching and answering all our questions patiently.

With the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai World Butoku Sai in Kyoto in 2016, we will not be holding a UK KNBK Seminar in 2016 but there are plans for regional gatherings as the UK family grows.

The next time anyone from Europe will be able to receive training directly from Long Hanshi will be at Hombu for the KNBK and instructors seminar in November.

Again I want to personally thank Long Hanshi and Morris Doshi for travelling across the globe to our little part of the world. Even more so as they had been before and still they came back. I look forward to training with everyone else at some point in the future and look to host something in the UK in the future.


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