European Koshukai and Gasshuku 2013

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I have just returned from a very eventful and fun pack week in Belgium where I attended both the KNBK Koshukai and Gasshuku.

This was my first instructors seminar and I was not too sure what that would involved. The good news was I was totally amongst friends as I have trained with all of the other European instructors over the last few years. We had instructors from the UK, Belgium, Holland, Spain, as well as the US.

The event was held at a new sports centre in Wetteren , Belgium, (Thanks for arranging that Kenneth – I would love to have this as my home dojo) they have a fantastic matted dojo which came in very useful during the Omori Ryu instruction – my knees were grateful. The group was a small group which meant we moved at a good pace and had very good feedback on our individual practice. We also managed to get through a lot of kata. We covered:

  • Batto Ho
  • Omori Ryu
  • 5 Chuden Waza
  • Okuiai Tachiwaza
  • Tachi uchi no kurai

I found the instruction from Long Hanshi invaluable as ever and have taken a lot of things away with me to work on over the coming year.

Also working tai sabaki with Lee Sensei was a great help – Domo arigato gozaimashita!

It was great to get some much work in on the Tachi uchi no kurai set as it is something a few of us had not practiced that in depth. We got to work with several different partners which meant we got to work on kiri-ma and practice with different timings. Always fun!

The 4 days seemed to literally fly by and before you knew it we were saying goodbye.

A note of congratulations to all those who graded or were awarded titles , with two quick mentions, to my brother from another mother, Marc Mebis who was awarded his Godan (and puts up with me crashing his events every year), and to Kako Lee who was awarded her Doushi, which is very well deserved.

A few of us took a trip on the last day of Sensei’s visit to Amsterdam, but like Las Vegas, what happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam. Suffice to say it was a great day and evening!

Many thanks go to Mebis Sensei for organising another flawless event and ferrying everyone around. Not sure how you did all that driving around in the middle of the night and still managed to train. And thanks to our teachers who flew half way around the world to train us and break bread with us each night. Those “fireside” chats are just as important and rewarding as the keiko.

Really looking forward to next year’s event and have it in the diary already!

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