10th Annual European KNBK Gasshuku

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It was great to attend the 10th European Gasshuku in Antwerp, Belgium.  It is always something that goes in the new diary as soon as I get one and always look forward to seeing everyone for 3 to 4 days of Seito Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iai Heiho.  This year was no exception and we covered a lot of waza in 3 days of practice.


  • Kihon
  • Happogiri
  • Cutting drills
  • Chuden Waza – Hasegawa Eishin Ryu
  • Battoho
  • Gradings – It was good to see everyone who took a grading passed.  Even those who didn’t realise they would be tested.


  • Kihon
  • Happogiri
  • Cutting drills
  • Seiza no Bu – Omori Ryu
  • Battoho


  • Tachi Uchi No Kurai
  • Katachi set

Being called out to demonstrate waza in front of the group was an interesting new experience.  I guess the responsibility that goes with rank.

We had a group meal on the friday at a Chinese restaurant and on Saturday night at an American style diner and I can’t write this without mentioning the massive burgers that a couple of people ordered.  You can see pictures of these of Facebook.

I left on the Sunday so missed out on the Italian restaurant.  All in all a great seminar, it was really nice to catchup with old friends and meet new ones.  Participants came from Belgium, France, Gibraltar, Holland, Malta, and the UK.  A truly European event!

Thanks to Mebis Sensei for a great fast paced Seminar and to Kenneth Matthys for organising the lunches, drinks and evening meals. A lot of effort goes into this kind of thing – I know.  The fact most people don’t see this is a good thing as it means nothing went wrong!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at an event soon….

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